I am offering to lend my very own money to professional property investors and traders.  I offer 100% finance on purchase price and there are no valuation fees, arrangement fees or legal fees!

At a glance:

Maximum Loan To Value (LTV):100%
Maximum Loan To Purchase Price (LTP):100%
Minimum Loan:£10,000
Maximum Loan:£25,000
Minimum Value Of Property:No Min
Maximum Value Of Property:No Max
Minimum Term Of Loan:6 months
Maximum Term:No Max
Arrangement Fee:None
Valuation Fee:None
Legal Fee:None
Interest Rate:1.95% Per Month
Type:Interest Only
Applicants:Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnerships
Experience Level:Minimum 5 investment properties and must own their own residential home
Credit profile:Unlimited CCJs and defaults
Security Required:


First charge over property

Personal guarantee

This product is suited to the landlord involved in the lower end of the property market.  It’s ideal for those buying below market value and remortgaging after 6 months or property traders flipping undervalued properties.

If you are interested please get in contact with Ajay Ahuja.

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