Have you successfully raised funds for Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other type of crowdfunding platform? If so we want to hear from you.  If you know how to make eye catching marketing videos that result in funding coming forthwith then get in contact.

The Deal

Each deal we do will be bespoke.  It all depends on what you bring to the table.  We can pay all or some money upfront, percentage of funds raised and/or the rest on a profit share.  Please bear in mind the less we pay upfront the bigger the percentage and profit share you will be entitled to.

How Much Can I Earn

This depends on how much you raise and the deal we do.  It’s quite complicated to tell you what you could earn but trust assured if we do well then you will do well also.  The minimum you could expect to earn is £500 per campaign.

Next Steps

If we haven’t put you off so far then we would like to hear from you. Please get in contact with Ajay Ahuja.

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