We are looking for music and film producers to turn our creative ideas in to pieces of commercially saleable art.  So if you have a talent for music production of film production and have the equipment and contacts please get in touch.

The Deal

Each deal we do will be bespoke.  It all depends on what you bring to the table.  We can pay some money upfront and the rest on a profit share.  Please bear in mind the less we pay upfront the bigger the profit share you will be entitled to.

How Much Can I Earn

This depends on sales from the work we produce.

Any piece of music or film will need enough sales to firstly covering the upfront cost of the project and any marketing costs.  Once this has been achieved you will be entitled to a share of the profits therein.

WARNING: Most tunes and films never achieve any degree of success whatsoever! So please do not view this as a get rich quick scheme.  It relies on hard work, talent and an extremely large dose of luck.

As a rough estimate only one in five hundred tunes or films is going to be successful enough to turn a profit.  To put it bluntly this is a high risk venture and you will realistically earn next to nothing.

Next Steps

If we haven’t put you off so far then we would like to hear from you. Please get in contact with Ajay Ahuja.

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