We are looking for ghost writers to follow a basic book plan to write a great novel which we hope will make a great feature length film.

The Deal

We pay £0.001 per word plus 10% of the net revenue raised from Kindle book sales. This works out at £50 for a 50,000 word novel plus £0.17 per sale.  If the book sells more than 900 copies we then start the film making process.  We create a script and marketing brochure to attract investors.  If we secure funding you will be entitled to 2.5% of the profits.

How Much Can I Earn

This depends on sales from the book and film.

Book – A successful book would sell at least 100,000 copies. If your book was successful you should expect to earn at least £17,050.  It all depends on how “viral” your book goes.

Film – A successful film can pull in profits in excess of £1m from sales, downloads, rentals and licensing.  If this was the case with your film then expect to earn in excess £25,000.

WARNING: Most books and films never achieve any degree of success whatsoever! So please do not view this as a get rich quick scheme.  It relies on hard work, talent and an extremely  large dose of luck.

As a rough estimate only one in a hundred books is going to be successful enough to raise the initial funds to start the film making process.  To put it bluntly this is a high risk venture and you will realistically earn next to nothing.

Next Steps

If we haven’t put you off so far then we would like to hear from you. Please get in contact with Ajay Ahuja.

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