My Inner Voice and Me

At age 18 I had no money. That’s true of most 18 year olds.  But now I earn around a million pounds a year. Why? Because my inner voice told me I could get it!

But did I learn how to make my inner voice tell me that I could get it? Absolutely not.  I was and am a natural at turning a profit.  I had not read any books on how to make money.  I just knew that I had to bring in more money than I spent to make a profit.

However in other aspects of my life my inner voice was not so kind.  It would often tell me that I was not good enough, not up to standard, an idiot and a lot worse.  But over time I become aware of what techniques I have used to conquer my financial inner voice and applied it to all aspects of my life.

My Success Story

So picture this. I’ve just jacked in my full tim job aged 27 and I’m giving myself a well earned 6 month break from working for the last 5 years in a job I never wanted to do. My £10,000 overdraft is in place and I can live off it for at least 12 months if I’m careful how I manage my living expenses.

After 8 months and several trips to Ibiza I’m down to my last £3,000.  My burn rate was a bit higher than I budgeted!  Do I get a job? No way!  I’m going to try and make me some money.

I set myself a reasonable target of earning my salary in the next 12 months. I set up hundreds of businesses including my property business and after 15 years of wheeling and dealing I was left with one very profitable business being my 200 property portfolio spread out across the UK.

My Flaws

Now at the start I did not even hear my inner voice. I was not really conscious of my inner voice. It just happened to be I was good at certain things and not good at others.  Things I was not so good at were:

  • Speaking up for myself in group discussions
  • Approaching very attractive women
  • Speaking to people that were older than me
  • Speaking in public

If I found myself in those situations I would tell myself to be quiet. I would say something like “You are no good in these situations.  If you do say something you will only look stupid and you will get embarrassed.”

However if I thought of a business idea I would have no such conversation.  I would just get on with it without the fear of looking stupid even though probability says (by quite a strong margin) that it would fail.  With hindsight I must have been saying to my inner voice “Fuck probabilities! You can’t predict the future. People do start businesses and make a fortune so FUCK YOU!”  And after a while I think my inner voice started working for me and telling me I could do it and get rich.

When I spoke back to my inner voice I chose my words very carefully.  I knew I would have been that necessarily aggressive back to my inner voice as my inner voice was as quiet as a mouse.  The only way you get your inner voice the shut the fuck up is to be verbally aggressive back.

So from the age of 28 when I first started in business to age 32 I had built myself a £15m property portfolio. Without even realising I had mastered how to manage my inner voice, which I found out later to be my subconscious, to amass more money that I knew what to do with it.

My Situation Back Then

So how were the other aspects of my life at the time?  Well I was:

  1. Still single
  2. Binging on drink and drugs
  3. Smoking
  4. Still feeling timid in certain social situations

I set about sorting out number one on that list.  I was going to try and find myself a wifey! This is where my good friend Damian introduced me to the idea that we even had a subconscious.  He used to say there is “Little RJ” being me and “Big RJ” being my subconscious.  The size being a clue about who is in charge.  Big RJ called the shots.  If Big RJ believed something then it is what Little RJ gets to experience.  If Big RJ thinks you are rubbish at something then Little RJ will only get to experience that 100% of the time.

He introduced me to the idea of working on Big RJ.  If you could challenge Big RJ on their beliefs and silence or even better reprogram your inner voice then everything is in your grasp.  I know this to be true as in the aspect of my financial life I had no inner voice telling me I can’t do it. In fact the reverse was true.

My Life Now

So if I were to address my list now I can tell you that:

  1. I’m married to a beautiful woman inside and out
  2. Sober
  3. Not touched a cigarette in the last 10 years
  4. More confident

I’m not picture perfect. My inner voice still creeps in but at least I know it’s there, it’s looking out for me but doing a long term disservice to me.

Mastering your subconscious can have wide reaching effects on your life. On your financial life, your social life, your love life and your health.  I have written what I think is a ground breaking book which teaches you how to master your subconscious.

A Book That Can Change Your Life

Now let me warn you about this book.  It contains many, many expletives.  It is only 2,700 words.  It is not written like a conventional book.  It is written in the second person narrative and the author is not me but you!

It took me a long time to really structure the book for it to have maximum effect.  The book is your subconscious speaking directly back to you from the first moment you pick it up.

The title is:

Hey Dickhead, Read This!

Hope you can see the gist of this book just from the title.

So now that I’ve warned you about this book are you now ready to start mastering your inner voice?  If so CLICK FOR FRONT COVER