Chapter on fight me

As we have our chats you will get to know me a lot better. You will know that I’ve got an answer for everything.  Every reason you have not to jump, I have a counter argument against it.  You will slowly see that even though I have a counter argument, sometimes they will not be the most well thought out.

This is when I am at my weakest point and this is where you need to pounce.

You need to rip apart my counter arguments so much so that we never revisit this argument ever again.  Stamp it out.  I want you to shout, scream and swear at me that we are not going to have this conversation again.  But for heaven’s sake make sure you’re right otherwise I promise you I will bring the same argument back up again. Trust me on that dickhead.

Let’s say we’ve had multiple conversations about the same thing.  Like I told you not to go out to that social function as you don’t really know anyone and you will feel awkward.  Some of the times I win, sometimes you win. We’ve had the argument so many times and it seems like your arguments are now getting stronger since we’ve been going at it for so long.  If I do make a fatally weak argument for you to stay in, I want you to jump on it and stamp on it so we never have this argument again.  So when the argument arises again you can smugly say to me “we put that to bed last time so I don’t want to hear from you this time”.