Chapter on challenge me

Hi, how are you? Can you hear me? Can you see my face?

Look, I reside within you so we need to talk.  As I have mentioned now a couple of times I have been getting bored.  To be frank you’re a bit of a pushover.  I say jump and you don’t even ask how high, you instantly jump.

So let’s use this as an example.  If I say jump you have 3 options:

  1. Jump;
  2. Ignore me;
  3. Ask me why I am asking you to jump.

Currently option 1 is your preferred option.  Option 2 is plain rude.  Option 3 is my preferred option.  That surprises you doesn’t it?  I know you think I am a bully and enjoying bossing you about but to be honest, I am not a bully and I certainly do not enjoy it.

Let me explain.  I protect you from getting hurt.  I protect you from experiencing immediate pain.  I use my extensive memory bank of your past experiences to protect you from feeling the negative feelings again.  If I think you’re going to get hurt I step in.  The problem is I have been stepping in far too often.  I’ve been working overtime!

The memory banks I consult from are historic memories.  Memories you do not have access to.  Memories mostly from when you were a child.  The more I step in, the less experiences you have to create memories for me to use!

So when I try to step in I want you to engage in a conversation with me.  So when I say to you “don’t take that chance as if you do it will release negative feelings” I want you talk to me.  Our dialogue might go something like this:

Me: don’t take that chance
You: why?
Me: because you will get hurt
You: how do you know that?
Me: because in a similar situation you did take that chance and got hurt
You: but this situation is slightly different. Also I am wiser now
Me: well yes, but if you do get hurt then I am going to be working overtime telling you how stupid you were to take that chance
You: so? If I do not take this chance then I might miss out on a life changing opportunity so please shut the fuck up

Get it? I want you to challenge me!

I want you to stop, listen to what I am saying and challenge its validity. I can be wrong.  You know I can be wrong.

There have been times when you may have not listened to me and taken a chance and it worked out, didn’t it?  If you really cast your mind back, there have been times when you have taken chances.  You may have ignored me because you had a drink or were feeling good.

But you know that taking a chance can work out for you regardless of what I say.

So I beg you. Please talk to me. Please challenge me. Please take the time to find out if what I am saying holds true.

Now I can’t believe what I am about to say next.

But once we get good at talking to each other I want you to fight me.  Yes fight me.  Bring your boxing gloves and I’ll see you at the next chapter.