Chapter on love me

I know that I’ve encouraged you to challenge me and even fight me but I want you to remember never to hate me.  I know you better than anyone else.  I look out for you. I protect you. I’m the one that is there for you when it all goes wrong.

To deny me means letting go of all the experiences that have made you.  You let go of me and you will have no soul. It will feel like you are a dead man walking.  If you don’t love me then you could find yourself getting in to all sorts of danger.

I promise if you start talking to me and holding up your part of our relationship you will come to quite like me. I promise.  By talking to me, loving me, challenging me and occasionally fighting me you will learn so much more about yourself than you can ever imagine.

You will become a better person to you and the people around you.  I will thank you for this and others will to.

But I have last thing to say to you. It’s my little secret. It’s in the next and final chapter.