Property Business

I intend to do exactly what I have been doing for the last 18 years which is a combination of buying, letting, refurbishing and selling property.  The business runs itself broadly and provides the income for us to live our lives and provide the all important time and money to do the things we want.  Which leads me to the two other activities I wish to develop which are clearly imprinted in to my future.


I have written three novels and I have one more in development.  I want to really accelerate this.  I hope to write two novels every year.  All my novels have strong premises embedded within them and they all challenge strongly held virtues and force the reader to consider whether these virtues still hold strong today.  For those who are wondering about my next novel it is called Ali Goes To Space and it’s core theme is growing up and facing your problems rather than continually running away from them.

I also want to collaborate with other creative people to raise the creative output to unreal levels.  I want to work with other authors, ghostwriters, celebrities, film producers and crowdfunders with the sole aim of bringing stories with strong premises to the masses.  A tall order I know but I believe that if you have good intentions at heart the will of the people will make it happen.  If you get what I mean then we are on the same wavelength so get in touch if you think you can help.

Film Making

A natural follow through from the writing will be film making.  What better way to get your message across than creating a 90 minute well constructed masterpiece in an entertaining format.  It’s probably one of the biggest creative challenge you can face and many fail to succeed.  But guess what….I love a challenge.

I intend to make one film a year.  I have one in production at the minute and a Hollywood A-lister actress is considering being part of it as we speak.  I truly believe in a certain type of karma so I know that a film with good intentions will do well whether or not is commercially successful.

Again if you understand what I am saying and you think you can contribute please please please get in touch. Let’s make it happen.

Personal Life

To be honest it couldn’t get any better. I live the life I want and if it stays like then this then fab. The real things matter. I wake up when I want, I do what I want, I eat what I want and I have my health, freedom and time.  That’s life. What more could you really ask for? Everything else in my life is just a bonus. I mean how many Bentleys does one really need?

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