This page was probably the hardest page to write. The reason being I do not want to sound like a nut! Please bear with me but if it all starts to sound a bit crazy just click away somewhere else on my site.

Let me start off saying that I believe anything is possible. Greatness comes from having a vision or perception of something that does not exist and making things happen so it does exist.  Sound reasonable doesn’t it?

Now let’s say I believe in the fact that if you choose to create things that essentially help people somehow you will get rewarded.  Now that sounds reasonable as well doesn’t it?   If you create a product that people want your direct reward is money and sometimes accolade.

Now what would you say if I said you also can get indirectly rewarded.  That would sound like karma wouldn’t it?  Karma, although not believed by everyone, has sort of been a socially acceptable phenomenon where if you believe in it people don’t think you are a nutcase.

What about if I said that if you contribute to the life force and the life force gives back to you at some point in the future in your current physical existence or one in the future would I start sounding a little bit crazy then?

Metaphysics, the concept of soul and life force is an interesting topic to me and it is the way I live my life.  It has been since I was a teenager but has really come to prominence since getting in to my forties.

I do not believe any living beings should endure any suffering.  I am a vegan and I support charities that prevent suffering endured by humans and animals.

I could spend a whole evening speaking about this (as I do with only my closest of friends) as it truly is the essence of life however I accept this is not everyone’s cup of tea. I sincerely hope I haven’t scared you off with the little bit I have told you about my beliefs.  It took alot of courage on my part to put this in to writing.  The elephant is definitely now out of the room!

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