The formula detailed below is the formula that has made me a millionaire in five years. The same formula has created many millionaires – it is nothing groundbreaking or original. Property is inherently a long-term path to wealth - that is the nature of property. If you have the patience to play the property market you will make money. I have to admit that my rapid acquisition in wealth is partly due to the property boom since 1996 but it is also sticking to the principles I created detailed in this book.
The formula is simple:
  • Find the initial investment – Starting a business requires some initial capital, but getting into the property game is not as expensive as you think. It is possible to start with nothing! Chapter 2 deals with identifying your attitude to risk and inventive ways of raising your initial investment in order for you to purchase your first property. Once you’ve raised the initial investment you can progress to finding the right lender to finance the property you wish to buy.
  • Find the right lender – In chapter 3 you will create a profile most suited to your personal circumstances and attitudes in order to find the right lender for you.
  • Find the right property – In chapter 4 you will be able to easily identify properties that can give you a significant return on your investment. You will be taught what to look for when looking for a property, making an offer, how to identify properties with returns in excess of 25 per cent and whether or not to refurbish.
  • Find the right tenant – Finding the right tenant is key to the success of your investment. In chapter 5 you will identify what tenant is best for your property, you and your lender and where to advertise. Chapter 5 will examine the benefits of credit checking, relationships between landlord and tenant and rent collection.
  • How to create and expand your portfolio – How to own a multitude of properties by the secret of remortgaging and to keep your portfolio by adopting risk management techniques. Check out chapter 6.
  • Minimise Tax – Chapter 7 deals with how to avoid (but not evade!) tax in connection with property.
  • Operate Legally – Chapter 8 deals with all the legal aspects a landlord might face when investing in property. It covers the types of contracts you will enter into, the regulations governing residential letting property and the law in general.
  • Essential References – Chapter 9 is a one-stop shop of all the addresses, phone numbers and web sites that relate to investing in property. This includes, amongst others, hotspot areas to invest in, lenders, insurers and accommodation projects.

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