Ajay Ahuja Blog on His Latest Books and Buying and Selling

I got an email the other week saying that some of my information is out of date.  I have to agree a very small part of it is but the principles are just the same.

However my new book will be addressing all the new problems we face as investors trying to make some cash.

The problem highlighted to me was the 6 month rule.  No one will touch a property you have bought to sell if you have owned it for less than 6 months.  This is sort of true.  However a bit of clever thinking and you can get round this.

Take for example a cash buyer.  He can buy a property from you without this need for you to own the property for at least 6 months.  There are cash buyers out there and you can easily get access to them.

Where? Auctions for a start!  The way to really seduce a cash buyer is by one way only:


So make sure you buy right and you can be a trader of properties in no time.  Now obviously there is more to it than what I have just said but the principle is pretty much this:

Buy cheap sell cheap.

Can you buy cheap? YES!

Can you sell cheap? YES!

So for those who have already done a bit of trading in the past go out there and get some bargains and get trading.  Big cash buyers want deals.  If ever the seriously rich property players come out to play then this is the time.  And when they play they play big.

So as long as you are not greedy you can make 10% of the market value simply by flipping properties.

If you want us to find you seriously under market value properties that need work then have a lookout some of my books.