Ajay Ahuja on Getting Started in the Property Business

I get asked quite often how did I manage to become so successful in investing in property?  The flattery is very nice but I do not consider I did anything special.  All I did was take action.

I remember I used to spend 10 minutes a week browsing the local newspaper when it came out on a Thursday to see if there were any bargains that had come on.  These were the days before the internet and email alerts etc.  Usually there were none but once in a while there was.  Since I had no big buying quotas at the time (unlike now!) this would suffice.

Now no one forced me to read these newspapers.  It wasn’t much of an effort.  I used to scan the newspapers whilst chatting at my Mums or girlfriend’s house so it was not as if it required any great concentration.  In fact after a while I knew the estate agent’s pages and how they listed them i.e. cheapest first or last I could scan a page in seconds whilst having a fully coherent conversation!

The key point was I took the action of scanning the local newspapers.  That’s all.  This minuet action which I would perform once a week is what has given me my wealth I have today.  The wealth being:


Now I have the obvious signs of wealth to the outside world such as a nice home, car etc. but the real wealth is the time I have for the people around me.  This as mastercard would say is PRICELESS!

Now if I had known that the 10 minute process I performed back then of scanning newspapers for property deals would have resulted in the wealth I have now I would have spent more than 10 minutes doing it!  The power of hindsight eh?

Anyway the point is I did it.  I took 10 minutes out of my week to do something for the betterment of my personal situation.  I took action.  Back then I had decided to:

  1. Start an investing career
  2. Take action

That’s it.  These are the only two things that are between younow and you where you want to be.  The difference between success and no success.

If I had decided I did not want to start investing I would not have scanned the newspapers.  So it was important that I said to myself that I wanted to START.

The next thing I had to say to myself was DO SOMETHING.  i.e. take action.  It took the form of simply reading the property pages of the local press.

I am SO GLAD I did that.  Now I always take action as I know how rewarding taking action can be.  It gives me an inner contentment as I know I am always getting more from myself.  There is something very rewarding about success.

So can I ask you:

  1. Have you started?
  2. Are you taking action?

Now be honest with yourself.  I am presuming you want to start investing.  That’s why me and you are talking. Learn More.