Celebrate Your Individuality

So why would I say this as my first blog post? Well it is the very reason this site has come about.  Before I would create a site about an individual aspect of my personality or interest and keep them very separate. So I would have a site about my non fiction books, another site about my fiction books, another site about my film ideas and another site about my new lending business.

I asked myself why do I create separate sites about each aspect of my life? And then it hit me.  You instinctively want to project an image that you think will appeal to your likely reader, investor or customer.  So for the non-fiction books you want to appear serious and credible.  For the fiction books you want to appear creative and deep(!).  For my film ideas you want to appear artsy and cool. And for the lending business you want to appear official and bank like.  What a load of rubbish!

Why was I trying to appear as anything but myself?  Myself being a guy who writes fiction books, non-fiction books, films and lends money. I mistakenly believed people wanted to just see one aspect of a person when they are presenting themselves to the public.  Now this may work for some people.  If you were thinking of setting up a bank and wanted people to deposit money in your bank you might want to conceal the fact that you love gambling and playing poker!  However this doesn’t work for me.

I am in a fortunate position that things don’t have to work for me anymore.  I live comfortably and I no longer need to present the image that I might think one needs to see anymore. But more fundamentally than that I no longer need to be anyone other than myself.

I see other people do what I used to do all the time.  Very rarely do we see people expose themselves in such a way.  But the thing is everyone is individual.  I have never known anyone, who I have got to know, to be anything like a stereotypical person.

So I took the bold move to show myself. I have a unique set of desires and interest and I suspect you do too.  So I hope my site inspires you to be your true you and not the you that you expect people to see or be.