CHAPTER: 12345, 6789101112131415161718192021222324252627, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32EPILOGUE

Mr Big shakes his head as he watches the young man go. He has a bad attitude and a short fuse, the man thinks to himself, he could be a problem to work with and just as risky as he was warned. He lacks the proper respect unlike that which Obo shows. Mr Big doubts that next time their meeting will go any better. Mr Big sighs before he looks towards one of the internal CCTV cameras. They are hidden but he knows where they all are, he paid to have them installed after all.

“Ok?” he asks.

He smiles.

Upstairs in the CCTV control room a man is sat, watching the screens. This is the hub of Mr Big’s business, the place where he monitors everything that happens in the pub. Nothing happens in the building without Mr Big knowing about it. There is a control room, just like this one, in every single business that Mr Big owns. It is small, dark and lit only by the light from dozens of screens. There’s a small kitchenette nearby, stocked with coffee, tea, a small fridge and a tiny sink and draining board. There’s a door leading off into a small toilet, a single sink in there. It is all designed so that a person on duty can continue to watch what is happening without having to leave the room for anything. Mr Big has even encouraged his security officers to use the toilet with the door open so that they can see the screens still. Most of them do. He pays them well after all.

The mystery man in the control room smiles and types out a quick text. He watches as Mr Big receives it and nods at the CCTV camera. It has not been hard to get Mr Big to agree to follow through on his plan. Stirring things up between Judd and Obo has been easier than he expected, they already distrust each other so much. Everything is going exactly as planned, better than planned really and soon everything will come together just right. It is only a matter of waiting now.

Outside the pub Judd pulls out his phone and calls Reece. When the other man answers Judd calls Emmet too and adds him to the call.

“Get to my flat,” he says simply, “We have a problem,”

“Eurgh not another one,” Reece groans, “Can’t it wait?”

“You’re hungover,” Judd says simply, “You’re always hungover. Unfortunately this can’t wait and it’s linked to the other problem we have.”

“I told you not to drink so much!” Emmet insists, “Judd I warned him that it was a bad idea. Things are too unsteady and we need to be ready,”

“I don’t care who told who what,” Judd snaps. “Just be at my flat as soon as possible. The plan has changed.”

Reece groans again.

“Just get there,” Judd snaps.

“Will I get a cup of tea?” Reece asks quietly, pitifully, “My mum was going to make me a cup of tea,”

“If you don’t piss me off too much I will,” Judd says, “I’ll see you later,”

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