Population69.54 million persons
Land Area995,450 sq km
Currency & exchange rate1 Egyptian pound = 100 piasters

(~ 0.088 GBP)

GDP-PPPMethod203,313.0 millions of US dollars
GDP Growth1.55%
GDP Per Head2,924.0 Thousands of US Dollars Per Person
FinancialInterest RateInflation Rate
National BankCentral Bank of Egypt
PoliticalPresident Hosni Mubarak assumed power on President Sadat's assassination by political extremists in October 1981 and regained six-year presidential term October 1999 after 93.97% of voters approved his candidacy. He discarded much of the unpopular features brought about by Sadat’s domestic policies and placed great emphasis on economic reform.

The government faces regular upheavals from Islamic and political extremists. Since the early 1990’s, there has been much conflict between the government and militant groups. On some occasions, foreigners have been targeted and the worst case was in November 1997 when 58 tourists, six of them British, were murdered. The Egyptian authorities have quelled much of the violence with hundreds of militants killed or subdued; yet the complete eradication of such threat is not yet suggestible.

Extremists have unsuccessfully targeted the president Hosni Mubarak on a few occasions, and he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt whilst in Addis Ababa in June 1995. A major significance for the government to address the need for economic reform, is to underlie some of the root causes of extremism

Social SecurityYes
LanguagesArabic (official), English and French widely understood by educated classes
CustomariesWith Islam being the dominant influence, many traditional and customary beliefs are prevalent throughout country. The people are generally welcoming and courteous, expecting similar attitudes from visitors.

Handshaking will suffice as a greeting. Traditional conservative clothing is the general attire for men and women and this should be especially observed when in a religious or holy setting. Western style of clothing is accepted in modern nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and bars in the capital, Cairo. Smoking is very common.

Ethnic Make-up
Eastern Hemitic stock99.0%
Greek, Nubian, Armenian, and other Europeans1.0%
TaxIncome TaxCapital Gains Tax
Non-resident individuals and expatriate experts (as defined) are generally taxed on Egyptian-source income only.

Taxes are withheld from salaries at a rate of 20% on salary income up to LE 50,000 per year, and at a rate of 32% on the excess.


Taxable income (LE)Tax rate
Exceeding (LE)Not exceeding (LE) 


Capital gains derived from transfers of real estate are not subject to tax unless the real estate is used in a trade or business. However, a 2.5% tax is levied on the gross proceeds from the disposal of urban land and buildings, regardless of usage.
Description Egypt is one of the most populated regions in the Arab region and is the second most populous in Africa after Nigeria.

The economic stabilisation and reform brought is on track with good momentum. Ongoing reduction of debts in addition to good budgets have contributed to this progress. Egypt is heavily import-dependent. Exports include petrochemicals, oil, and cotton. The tourism industry has experienced some deceleration due to the current events in the Middle East and possible security concerns. However, it is still providing a good source of revenue in addition to other service jobs and emigrant workers remittances













Investor Profile:Cash & Equity Investor

Pension Investor

Holiday Investor

Retirement Investor

Downshifter Investor

Business Investor



Climate:Hours of Sunshine Per Day in SummerDays of Rain Per YearJanuaryJulyAverage

Water Temp.

Proximity to:AirportBeachNearest City
Fly direct to Cairo then either take an internal flight to El Gouna Airport or go overland by bus or by car.

Alternatively flights are also available to Hurghada airport which is half an hour away from El Gouna

Zeytuna Beach, Mangroovy Beach


Restaurants and bars:El Gouna has dozens of nightspots offering a variety of atmospheres and entertainment with a huge selection of restaurants, bars pubs, discos and casinos. From international guest DJs, to concerts, trendy bars, cozy pubs and even oriental shows.
Sports and leisure facilities:World class scuba diving, 18 hole USPGA championship golf course, desert safaris, kite surfing, water-skiing, horseback and camel riding, boat excursions to uninhabited islands, sailing, spas and fitness centres
Transport:Public TransportRoads
El Gouna’s on-call taxi service makes it easy to get around El Gouna, the surrounding Red Sea area or even all of Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan.

Internal bus network in addition to buses to and from Cairo depart daily

Desert roads - driving has special requirements and be sure to get a suitable vehicle and guidance on possible hazards
Crime rate:Very low, considerably safer than other regions of Egypt.
Main types of employmentTourism and services.
Future plans:Investments are being made in order to prepare the airport for expansion so that it can cater for International charter through 2004
Yield range15 – 22%
Type of propertyEntry PriceRent-



Off Peak

Average Annual Yield
2 bed apartment£15,000£300£25022%
3 bed apartment£23,000£350£30016%
3 bed townhouse£27,000£350£30014%

Demand for letting

PeakOff peak
Very highHigh
Finance and leisure scores:Total (out of 10)Financial (out of 5)Leisure (out of 5)
Flights scheduled from:London Heathrow, London Gatwick and most other major cities in the UK. At least one connecting flight is usually required.
Typical cost of flights:PeakOff Peak
300 – 700 GBP200 – 500 GBP
Operators:Most European tour operators and travel agencies offer booking for El Gouna.

El Gouna Travel Agency –

(+20 65) 580 085 / 86

Email: protours@orascom.net

Egypt Air, Air France, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa. Charter services fly direct from London Gatwick to Egypt. British Mediterranean (a franchise partner of British Airways) operates daily services from London to Alexandria. Egypt Air also operates internal flights.

Description:Under the silhouettes of sharp edged mountains and bordering the crystal waters of the Red Sea lies El Gouna, the region's most exclusive destination. Built on clusters of islands surrounded by turquoise lagoons, El Gouna spreads over 11 kilometres of the most pristine beachfront.

There is a higher than average British population compared to the rest of the country so this should make you feel a bit more comfortable.  Yields are very high are are sustainable throughout the year.  There is little or no tax payable on disposal of investment properties so you can exit with a small charge.

This area has a lot to catch up to hence prices are cheap.  Do not expect to get a pretty looking property unless you want  you want to pay double the entry price.  Again the war has made this area a moderate risk as opposed to a low risk but in the long term it’s a safe bet.

The Interest rate is high at 10% but the yields compensate for this.  Interest rates are set to come down as inflation rates are sensible thus increasing the profit margin on an investment property.

Hot Website:www.elgouna.com
Estate Agents:NameAddressTelWeb
El Gouna Real Estate for International Clientelewww.redsea-realestate.com


Sharm El Sheikh & Hurghada Apartments and Villaswww.red-sea-guide.com/real-estate/


Real Estate Egypt49, El-Makrizy St., Heliopolis,
Cairo 11341
202 4530456realestate.egypt.com/


First Class Egypt8 Adan St., Al Mohandiseen, Cairo, Egypt202 3369095www.1classegypt.com
Letting Agents: NameAddress TelWeb
Real Estate Egypt49, El-Makrizy St., Heliopolis,
Cairo 11341
202 4530456realestate.egypt.com/


First Class Egypt8 Adan St., Al Mohandiseen, Cairo, Egypt202 3369095www.1classegypt.com