Population284.9 million persons
Land Area9,166,600 sq km
Currency & exchange rateUS Dollar

(~ 0.548 GBP)

GDP-PPPMethod9,022,081.0 millions of US dollars
GDP Growth-0.930%
GDP Per Head31,665.0 Thousands of US Dollars Per Person
FinancialInterest RateInflation Rate
National BankBoard of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Washington)
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
PoliticalThe chief executive of the United States is the President, who, together with the Vice President is elected to a four-year term. The current president is George W Bush who was elected on the 7th of November 2000 and Dick Cheney is the Vice President. A president may be elected to only two terms. The President is also Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

The USA is a Federal Republic with 50 States and has close associations with the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands and exercises trusteeship on behalf of the UN over several Pacific Island groups.

The President's powers are extensive but not unlimited. As the chief formulator of national policy, the President proposes legislation to Congress and may veto any bill passed by Congress. The Congress comprises two chambers – the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 100 members, made up of two from each of the 50 states. The next presidential and congressional elections are due in November 2004.

Bush’s popularity is hovering around the 50% mark and the Iraq war and economic recovery will prove key factors in whether Bush gets re-elected or not in November 2004.

Social SecurityYes
LanguagesHundreds of languages are spoken in the United States. English and Spanish are the major spoken languages in the United States today. Bilingualism is commonplace
CustomariesShaking hands is the usual form of greeting. The wide variety of national origins and the USA’s relatively short history has resulted in numerous cultural and traditional customs living alongside each other. In large cities, people of the same ethnic background often live within defined communities. On a side note, Gun ownership by civilians is considered to be a part of American heritage and should be remembered when in discussion.

One seemingly universal taboo, especially in professional circles, is smoking. It is becoming increasingly unpopular in the US and is often considered offensive. Smoking is banned in all restaurants in California and New York City, but then contrastingly, you have the infamous Las Vegas, where you can find ashtrays for you convenience in places such as telephones booths.

Ethnic Make-up
European descent83.5%
African descent12.4%
Asian descent3.3%
Note that Latinos and Hispanics may fall into any of the ethnic categories listed aboven/a
TaxIncome TaxCapital Gains Tax
Married filling joint return:

Taxable income ($)Tax on lower amountRate on excess
Exceeding ($)Not exceeding ($)($)%

Married filling separate return:

Taxable income ($)Tax on lower amountRate on excess
Exceeding ($)Not exceeding ($)($)%

Head of Household:

Taxable income ($)Tax on lower amountRate on excess
Exceeding ($)Not exceeding ($)($)%

Single Individual:

Taxable income ($)Tax on lower amountRate on excess
Exceeding ($)Not exceeding ($)($)%

Net capital gain income is taxed at ordinary rates, except that the maximum rate for long-term gains is limited to 20%(10% for individuals)

Description The US economy is the world’s largest, most powerful and most diverse. It is a global trader with global markets. As the leading industrial power and technologically advanced in the world, some of its key industries are petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, consumer goods, mining and food processing.

Toward the close of 2000, many ‘dot-com’ industries plunged into bankruptcy. The USA’s technology sector went into decline and the country found itself in recession.

Annual growth averaged around 4 to 5 per cent during the late-1990s, but slipped to 2.2 per cent as the economy slowed down. The events of September 2001 added to the pessimistic outlook for the economy, as several industries (notably civil aviation and tourism) suffered a sudden fall in demand. In addition to important IT and telecommunications industries, traditional manufacturing industries, such as steel, were also depressed.

The internationally controversial war on Iraq has also threatened many trade friendships and lowered the value of the US Dollar (US$1 in 1990 had the same buying power as US$1.42 in 2003), although the USA’s economic might has been maintained. Unemployment reached 5.9 per cent in November 2003, although productivity increased by 9.4 per cent in the third quarter of 2003.

The USA’s most important trade relationship is with Canada (which accounts for approximately 20 per cent of all US trade). The two countries concluded a free trade agreement in 1989: this accord formed the basis for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), to which Mexico became a signatory in 1992.













Investor Profile:Cash & Equity Investor

Pension Investor

Holiday Investor

Retirement Investor

Downshifter Investor

Business Investor



Climate:Hours of Sunshine Per Day in SummerDays of Rain Per YearJanuaryJulyAverage

Water Temp.

Proximity to:AirportBeachNearest City
Orlando International Airport - Seven miles south of OrlandoMany beaches on either side of Orlando and easily accessibleKissimee
Restaurants and bars:You can get any kind of food in Orlando and the numberof restaurants in the region is amazing. With such a wide variety of choice and the hearty portions provided, you’re sure never to be spoilt for choice.

There are also endless numbers of bars dotted around different areas, each offering different nights and themes. You are sure never to get bored of the vibrancy of the nightlife.

Sports and leisure facilities:Orlando Magic is based here if you fancy watching the odd basketball game. Springtime is great for a spot of baseball and the excellent world-class golfing greens are an excellent way of winding away the hours.

There are also many places nearby the Orlando area where you can go diving and sailing. The waters of Florida are also renowned for its great surf and classes are easily available upon request.

Transport:Public TransportRoads
Orlando has excellent public transport including the cheap I-Ride Tram-Bus service. You definitely do not need a car to get around.

Taxi’s are also readily available.

Excellent links to the rest of the US.
Crime rate:Relatively low, yet precaution must be taken as per usual in cities.
Main types of employmentServices, industry, tourism.
Future plans:To improve and maintain the tourism industry
Yield range16 – 22%
Type of propertyEntry PriceRent-



Off Peak

Average Annual Yield
2 bed apartment£52,000£1000£90022%
3 bed apartment£70,000£1200£80017%
3 bed townhouse£75,000£1300£90017%

Demand for letting

PeakOff peak
Very highQuite High
Finance and leisure scores:Total (out of 10)Financial (out of 5)Leisure (out of 5)
Flights scheduled from:London, Birmingham, Manchester and all other major cities.
Typical cost of flights:PeakOff Peak
700 – 1100 GBP400 – 550 GBP
Operators:Northwest, Delta, British Airways, Continental, US airways, AER Lingus, Air France, United, Lufthansa, Iceland Air, Air Canada, American Airlines, Monarch
Description:Orlando is one of the world's premier travel destinations. More than 35-million people visit the area every year, enjoying the many attractions, beaches, and events that make Central Florida a great place to visit and live.

This is my personal favourite.  Low borrowing costs and high yields mean BIG profits!  If you did a draft Profit & Loss of a prospective property you will find that you would make a lot of money.  I suggest you invest in the high tenant demand areas.  The property prices in these areas will be higher than the entry prices stated above so will affect yields but not by much – a lot more can be had by paying that little bit more.

Finance for properties in the USA is easy to get.  Loan To Values are currently at 70% max so you will need more to put down than you would if you was buying in the UK but the yields compensate for this.  The dollar rate is very favourable at the minute so strike now!

Hot Website:http://www.ci.orlando.fl.us/
Estate Agents:NameAddressTelWeb
Florida Invest4700 Millenia Blvd, Suite 175, Orlando, FL 32839(407) 210-3843info@floridainvest.us


Steve WalkerRe/Max Town Centre
315 E. Robinson Street
Suite 415
Orlando, FL. 32801
Eurus International Realtyhttp://www.eurus-realty.com/



12730 New Brittany Blvd.,  Suite 205

Fort Myers, Florida 33907



Letting Agents: NameAddress TelWeb
Florida Invest4700 Millenia Blvd, Suite 175, Orlando, FL 32839(407) 210-3843info@floridainvest.us




Steve WalkerRe/Max Town Centre
315 E. Robinson Street
Suite 415
Orlando, FL. 32801