Area:Kings Cross
In Congestion Zone:No – 0.1 miles outside.
Parking and Traffic:Permits & Meters.  No significant traffic trouble spots.
Ethnicity Bias:None
Investor ProfilePension, Business, Cash&Equity, University
Per 1000 population3221714
Yield Range:5.4% - 9.0%
Price Ranges  Low £Hi       £Low £pwHi £pwLowHi
Studio flat115,000185,0001702557.2%7.7%
1 bed flat170,000255,0002303907.0%8.0%
2 bed flat190,000550,0002759507.5%9.0%
2 bed house480,000750,00050011005.4%7.6%
Valuations above the London average by:18.4% (286,409)
 ActualLondon Average
 Capital growth last 12 months:6.8%19%
 Capital growth last 48 months:92.7%89%


Kings Cross Victoria, Northern, Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City Lines (Zone 1) – 11 minutes to Oxford Circus.  One hour to Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3.
Demand For Letting:Okay
Average void period:14 days

(out of 10)

Capital Growth

(out of 5)


(out of 5)

Out of 10:743
Summary:Not the prettiest or safest area but represents enormous potential considering the inward private and public investment.
Sought After Streets:Caledonian Rd, St Pancras Rd & Kings Cross Rd.


Out of all the key station areas in central London like Liverpool St, Euston, Paddington etc Kings Cross, in my opinion, is the worst area in many aspects – this is why I love it!  The area is notorious for its drugs, prostitution and violence but there has been a real effort by the authorites to reduce this.  This keeps property prices depressed but ripe to spring up.

There is now a dedicated police station for the area and there is full video surveillance in the worser areas.  There is a regeneration programme to start in 2006 and by 2007 the channel tunnel rail link will be functional (hopefully!).  So four years from now it will be a great place to live hence an above average increase property prices as the area would have changed.

There is also the Regent Quarter development which will be a development of the original traditional buildings and the building of new homes and commercial units which will attempt to ‘clean up’ the area.  I think this will work.  I imagine the illegal trades will move elsewhere and Kings Cross will really come in to fruition by 2010.

The land behind St Pancras and King’s Cross stations (formerly known as the railway lands) is set to undergo a major redevelopment. Argent St George has been appointed as the development partners to establish a mixed use scheme that will bring local benefits and help to transform King’s Cross into a distinctive urban quarter.

It is hoped King’s Cross Central works will start in 2006 as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link construction works comes to a close. Completion is unlikely to be before 2015.  Remember – this is a long term bet!

 Estate Agents:NameAddressTelWeb
 APS Estates50 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DP020 7833
 Daniel Ford & Co35 Balfe Street, London, N1 9EB020 7713 0909 
Letting Agents:NameAddressTelWeb
 Hugh Grover Lettings LtdSuite 3, Islington Business Centre, Islington High Street, London, N1 9LQ020 7745 2555 
 The Art of Living (City) LtdSecond Floor, 9 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PD020 7833 0003 
 Copping Joyce327/329 Upper Street, London, N1 2XQ020 7226
 Frank Harris & Company104 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4BL020 7405
 Black Katz Ltd22 Baron St, London, N1 9ES020 7713 7337