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Terry and Bill wait outside Damian’s house. The meet is at 7 and it’s still a little too early to go in. Bill is smoking a cigarette, leaning against the wall of a neighbour’s house. Terry is muttering about Emmet to Bill but he’s not really listening, it’s all just Terry talking to himself anyway. It’s always like that when Emmet’s done something to piss Terry off. Bill’s worried about Emmet though, he seemed serious last night after all. But he’s not overly worried. Emmet is Emmet and he’ll come around sooner or later. Right now Bill’s excited to be able to be a big drug dealer just like Terry is. Normally Emmet’s with Terry for this sort of thing. Now it’s Bill’s turn.

“Oi, losers!” Damian shouts from his doorway. “You coming in or what?”

Terry grins at Bill and starts sauntering towards the house. Bill stomps out his cigarette, pocketing the small nub for a few drags later, and follows on in. Damian’s house is nice, swish and fancy. It smells like perfume and girls, a few scented candles burning in places. Damian catches Bill looking and smirks.

“The missus,” he says proudly. “She loves those things. Gotta admit, they do make the place smell nice. I like to light them sometimes, just for a change. When she’s off on holiday or something it reminds me of her.”

“Nice,” Bill says with a wide grin.

“Enough pally-palling.” Terry says gruffly. “Let’s do business.”

“Alright.” Damian say, taking a seat on the sofa and stretching out. “Emmet said you had 50 for me, let’s see them.”

“Sure,” Terry reaches in to his pocket and pulls out the entire bag of 100. Damian raises an eyebrow and Bill wishes that he could do that and look as cool. “That’s my 50 as well. I’m wanting to sell you those too. Figured, why not give you more than expected?”

“I can do that.” Damian says, reaching for the bag. “Same price as I told Emmet, £7 a pill. Gives you a tidy total of £700.”

“Nice.” Terry says with a wide grin. “Let’s see the money.”

He’s cocky, arrogant, doesn’t care what happens. Bill watches the conversation between the two. Excitement’s tingling in his belly. Damian reaches in to his pocket, pulls out a wad of cash. He counts out £700 in a collection of fives, tens and twenties. He holds it out to Terry. When Terry reaches for it though he pulls it back, out of reach.

“I think I better try the merchandise first,” Damian says sternly.

There’s something in his eyes that makes Bill shiver but Terry doesn’t seem to notice. He’s grinning and nodding and just plonking the bag of pills on the table. Maybe Emmet was right about Terry being too cocky. Damian could just grab those pills and beat the crap out of both of them after all, there’s nothing to stop him.

It doesn’t look like that’s in Damian’s plans though. He reaches his hand in to the bag, other hand still clasping the money. He pulls out a single pill and licks it. He grimaces, winces and gives it another lick. He seems to swirl the taste around in his mouth. Bill can see his tongue moving over his teeth and gums, shoving his lips outwards. Damian closes his eyes and shudders before he opens them again and grins.

“Nice,” he says happily.

He hands over the money and Terry practically snatches it out of his hand. Damian frowns but Terry doesn’t notice. He’s too busy counting the money out and checking that it’s all there. Bill notices though and for a moment wants to batter Terry himself. He’s being rude and Bill doesn’t like this side of him. He didn’t even say thank you. Bill glances at Damian. Damian sits back on the sofa, stretches his arms across the back. He uses his foot to draw the bag of pills closer to him.

“Say hi to Emmet for me,” he says as Terry keeps counting. “What’s he up to anyway?”

“No idea,” Terry says, looking up. “He did say something about an idea he’s had, about getting out of the drug game at last.”

They both start to laugh. Bill laughs too, partially because they’re laughing but also because the idea of Emmet not being a dealer is kind of ridiculous really. He’s always been a dealer. It’s who he is.

“He’s always full of ideas that boy,” Damian says. “Say hi to him from me. Now go have fun.”

Terry shakes Damian’s hand and leads the way out of the house. Bill nods and smiles at the guy nervously before he turns and follows Terry. He gives a shiver once he’s outside. Something about the whole thing felt off but he doesn’t know what.

“Mate!” Terry says, slinging his arm around Bill’s shoulders. “Seven hundred big ones!” he pats the pocket where he put the money. “Mate, I feel like I’ve gotta spend it, you know! I wanna go out, get drunk, get high, get fucked by some girl with massive tits.”

“Yeah!” Bill says. “That sounds mint mate. Let’s get back to mine and sort it all out. I bet some of the others are up for a party.”

“Didn’t Eddy say something about being on the guest list at World Dance?” Terry asks as they walk along. “Hasn’t he got a plus three or something. Bet he could get us in there. The girls are well fit in that place, they’re all old and tired here. And you know what else?” he pulls Bill’s head down and whispers in his ear, “I’ve got a few pills left. We can take those and get buzzed. I’m buying!”

“Hell yeah!” Bill says.

Something itches in the back of his mind. Something about the money not all being Terry’s. But the prospect of going out with his best friend, going to a club that hardly anyone can get in to and having a banging night is more of a lure to Bill and he ignores that little voice and follows Terry wherever he leads.

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