Ajay Ahuja Blog Post on Making Money From Property

I am sure you have heard of many people like myself who have made a fortune in property.  It is almost kind of boring as it seemed like every other person was a property millionaire.

In the boom lots of property millionaires were made however in the crash lots of property millionaires went bust.  The strategy of buying, holding for a few years and then selling quickly showed itself as a very poor strategy.

So some, by skill or luck, managed to cash out and came away with some tidy sums.  Those were in the minority.  The rest were left with poor property investments (however they looked very pretty) such as brand new city centre apartments or luxury flats and homes in the suburbs.

My strategy was to buy ugly looking properties, sometimes ex-local authority, far away from train stations and in little known towns.  These properties I bought dirt cheap.  When I say dirt cheap I mean it.  3 bed semi detached council houses with gas central heating, double glazing, back and front gardens and excellent décor for £23,500.

I still own these properties today as I had a strategy of buying properties that could be bought cheaply and rented for top money to the government under the housing benefit rules.  The government pay the same money for a property regardless of its location.  So your only task was to find a tenant.  Well imagine putting in your adverts “Unemployed Applicants Welcome” in your advert.  We get bombarded!

Now you can still get housing benefit paid direct to the landlord just like you could in the past however you cannot get the properties dirt cheap!  Property prices are ok but they are not at the prices that cause you to salivate at the mouth.

There are ways to make money in property TODAY which can and will make your mouth salivate.  I know this as I am doing it.  I will tell you something very strange about my business which is pretty unique:

My business actually grew throughout the recession within the so called doomed property industry.

Now imagine that.  I had two major hurdles to overcome:

  1. The recession
  2. The property downturn

I was able to grow my property business in the worst recession in 100 years because I did one thing:

I moved with the market conditions

The market had changed.  It presented a new set of rules which I had to quickly grasp and then use to profit from.  The great thing about property is that it is a SLOW MOVING beast.  That is to say you can learn a strategy and utilise it for many years before it comes redundant.  All you need to know are these strategies and then milk them before they become mainstream.  I am here to provide you these strategies and I can confirm that they are definitely not mainstream.

The four ways I am going to tell you about making money in property are at various stages within their life cycle.  Two of them are about a year old and two of them are brand new.  Now remember a one year old strategy in property means there are approximately 3 or 4 years left before it really goes public. And even then you can still profit from them for another two or three years again.  I have not seen many people talk openly about these strategies.

This means if you learn it now you have around 3 years or so to really get the most from knowing these strategies and make some serious cash!

Now all of these strategies bar one require no mortgages or funding whatsoever.  That’s right.  The lenders do not have you by the short and curlies not matter what anyone says.  You can profit from property without the need for a mortgage.  So if you have bad credit (which is EVERYONE these days!) do not worry.  3 out of my 4 current strategies require no finance.

So I am sure you are dying to know what they are so without holding you back any further here they are:

  1. Become a property options trader
  2. Become a property sourcer
  3. Become a property options investor
  4. Buy below market value properties