Ajay Ahuja Blog on Planning For The Future

If you think I am asking to then tell you off and say do not spend and invest it all in property then you would be right!

Okay, you have to have fun, but you also need to plan for the future.  Not everything goes your way and you have to put some aside for a rainy day.

So how much do you spend?  I used to spend sometimes £100 on a night out.  And that was when I did not have any money!  After taxis, drinks, something to eat and sundry (usually being the biggest spend without actually knowing what it went on!) I would be pleased if the spend was in the double digit region i.e. less than £100.

It would amaze me how easily I would spend on a night out but if it came to buying some books on a subject I would hesitate.  I would carefully choose what to buy, look at the reviews, see if I liked the cover etc.  When really, if I was serious about educating myself on the subject I should buy every book on the subject.

This I have recently done.  I have recently acquired an interest in two subjects and instead of picking a couple of books out I have gone whole hog and bought every book on the subject.  I know I will not read them all but at least I will have every book so I can choose properly.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well I think it is good to invest in your education especially when educating yourself is so cheap these days.  Books for sale on the internet are cheap.  You can get everything on a certain subject for less than £100.

Now how much is an education worth to you on property?  How much do you think knowing about making money in property could be worth to you if you agreed with the information and applied this information?  Thousands, hundreds of thousands even millions?

So would you think investing a couple of hundred quid in some educational products would be wise would it not?  So why not make a start.  You can buy some of my books for as little as 1p.  Just search my name on Amazon and you’ll get my books and other property books for very little.