Ajay Ahuja Blog Post on Being Liked and Loved

As an owner of more than one property I am fully aware that I might not be liked by alot of people. I am regularly vilified on forums such as HousePriceCrash.co.uk for denying people the opportunity to own their own home.

In the early days I would take it really personally and try and defend myself however I soon realised that these people’s opinions do not matter! Sounds obvious when I say it now but it is funny how you just can’t see it when you are thick within it.

But the forums are only a representation of what alot of people think but daren’t say. If you own at least one investment property be aware that you could be considered as:

  1. Greedy
  2. Selfish
  3. Immoral

They may not say it to your face but put yourself in their shoes and they have had to watch you build your portfolio from remortgaging assets that you bought cheaply. They never had the chance to buy that cheap. You were there at the right time and they weren’t. That upsets alot of people.

So what can you do about it? Nothing. Well when I say nothing I mean virtually nothing. You could sell off all your investment properties and then you could not be accused of the above but that would be like giving in to a gang of bullies. Principals are principals and you have to do what you think is right.

What alot of landlords do is stick together. We meet up in forums, networking events and other similar events and gather strength, moral support and vigour to go out and expand our portfolios by another 100 properties!

So even though you may be hated others you can be assured of one thing:

Your fellow landlord LOVES you.