Ajay Ahuja Blog Post on Steps in The Right Direction

I got to where I am by taking small steps in the right direction.

The small steps that got me on the right path were:

STEP 1: realised that working for my current employer would give me an early death

STEP 2: realised the need to build a future for myself by investing in assets

STEP 3: realised that to buy assets back in the day required deposits

STEP 4: sacrificed the nice things in life and saved up salary for deposits in order to buy assets

STEP 5: invested my time to find the right assets for me to invest in

STEP 6: built an income of £700 per month to live a bare existence

STEP 7: LEFT WORK!  I Became the master of my own time, financial future and ultimate happiness.

STEP 8: repeated step 5 over and over again

STEP 9: Shared my knowledge through all my written works such as my books and website

STEP 10: Always be willing to learn and adapt to the changing market conditions

I will never forget these steps as I thank myself every day for taking these steps especially the early ones!