Ajay Ahuja Blog Post on Surfing, Grammar and Spelling

I was surfing around and found a posting that was talking about me and my articles and how many spelling, grammar, punctuation and capital letter mistakes there are.

The reason for this is because I am an investor.  I think in numbers.  I write my articles quickly and just bang them out.  I write them in word and usually the spell checker picks up most however some slip through.

I did actually get a grade A in English Language and Literature at GCSE but obviously I have forgot a lot!

So for those I offend with my poor writing I am SORRY!  Please try to look beyond it and pick up what I am trying to say.  I try to write as I speak.  That is why I think my books sell so well and when I often meet people and they say they feel they know me already.

When I become really successful I will have a full time army around me taking down I say to post on the internet real time in a highly polished properly worded article.  But thinking about it would the articles lose their flavour?

Anyway.  LeTs gET 2 w0rK & sTARt INVSTiNG!!!!!!!!