Ajay Ahuja Blog Post on Crises, Pensions and Gambling

Are we at a new crisis?

I know a very obvious crisis – Pensions!

I have never been a fan of these things.  You hand over money to this company who gamble your money with the hope of giving it back to you until you die.  Madness.

I would like to keep my money thank you very much.  I know how to gamble with my money.  Not at a casino but on the UK street.  Cul de sacs, council blocks, city centre apartments, town houses, terraced and semi’s.  I have them all over the UK and they provide for me today, tomorrow, next week, next year, next decade, you get the idea!  Basically until I die and beyond.

So I ask you: do you have something to provide for you in the future?  Do not expect a hand out from the government as I can guarantee you it will be small and not enough for you to live on.  The government knows that that is why they have to top it up in winter for heating bills.

Now you know I am going to say invest in property but it could be anything that can give you a recurring income relatively risk free.  I cannot think of anything else except a high bank balance but you would have to have such a high balance to earn an income if current saving rates are anything to go by!

I think some reality is going to shed on the whole stock market pension scam they have been running:

The stock market is EXTREMELY risky.  There is no getting away from it.  When you have companies valued in the triple digit millions with no hard core assets like property to their name you have to wonder what you get for your money.

At least if you have a property portfolio you can touch it.  If you need help building a property pension then read my free advice book.