Ajay Ahuja on Capital, Yield and Thresholds

Really think about whether property investment is for you.  You need to work out in your mind that this is what you want to do.  The last thing you want is doubt nagging in your mind and clouding everything you do.  I obviously never have this.  I am so convinced that property is the long term path to wealth that I  am just full steam ahead.  Not having doubt enables me to think clearly.

Have a threshold.  Mine is yield.  Yours can be whatever it is that you believe will take you where you want to be.  Examples are Equity, monthly cashflow, discount, miles radius from home town etc.  Whatever it is make sure it is created on sound principles and STICK TO IT!

Raise a starting capital.  Borrow on credit cards, unsecured loans, friends and family, overdrafts, remortgage your own home and do joint ventures to get the biggest amount of cash you can so you can get going.

Have a strong mindset.  Easier said than done but just make sure you have the attitude of never giving up.  I often got told No but it just made me more determined to find someone who said Yes.  All you need is a few yes’ and you are there!

Always learn.  If you are going to put your hard earned money in to a project make sure you do your learning.  Books are really cheap in comparison and the internet is free to use!  So get learning.  Take a look at some of my advice books for starters!

Get others to search for you.  It doesn’t hurt to get others to search for you as well as you doing your own search.  Did you know we could search for you.