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Supplementary Notes:

Note 1

* Average Yield A ~ (FULL YEAR RENT) ~ = (52weeks x Room Rate x number of bedrooms)/Entry Price

Average Yield B ~ (42 WEEKS + SUMMER RENT e.g. HALF-RENT or RETAINER) ~ = (42weeks x Room Rate x number of bedrooms) + (10weeks x (room rate/2) x number of bedrooms)/Entry Price

Average Yield C ~ (42 WEEKS FULL RENT ONLY) ~ = (42 weeks x Room Rate x number of bedrooms)/Entry Price

Note 2

** This includes catered, non-catered, en-suite, full en-suite, flatlets, on-campus and university owned accommodation nearby campus. Please note, prices may not be precisely accurate for the 2004 – 2005 academic year and should be taken as a rough guide.

Note 3

**** The entry price for property is given for areas where there is a large concentration of students or student communities already present. Lower/higher - valued property may be available in other areas not related to student areas predetermined.

Please note: The Yield & profit given are considered as a calculated minimum/calculated average and should be weighted roughly + 1% if the landlord decides to charge full rent for 52 weeks .

For example, for Bristol, the average expected yield range is between 6.2 – 6.7%, but could be as high as 7.5% if 52X weeks full rent is charged:


Campus room rental**:MinimumMaximum
Yield range5.3 – 7.5% = A, B& C ---------------- 6.2 – 6.7% = B
 3 bed house (i.e. 2 bed upstairs + 1 converted other)4 bed house5 bed house6 or more bed house
Entry Price£120,000£145,000£200,000£230,000
Median Room Rate£53£52£53£55
Average Yield B*6.2%6.7%6.2%6.7%
B - Estimated Annual Profit£579£1,296£964£2,058
Financial ScoresTotal (out of 10)Capital Growth  (out of 5)Yield (out of 5)

 Note 4

After accessing websites and information sources, I have decided to not go ahead and gather information for these colleges:

Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Dartington College of Arts, Falmouth College of Arts, Ravensbourne College, Rose Bruford College and Writtle College.

The reason behind this decision is due to at least one of the following reasons:

  • Not enough student numbers in the locality of the area/town to consider it as a student community
  • House Prices too high compared to low ratio of student numbers to even consider the area
  • Most students live at home/are from student area/no information on renting

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